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Drupal tables - to backup or not to backup?

When backing up or migrating a Drupal site with Backup & Migrate you have to backup the whole structure of your database but not necessarily the content of all tables.

You can set the the Default Database Backup Options at admin/config/system/backup_migrate/profile/list/edit to exclude data from certain tables from the backup. But how do you decide which data to exclude? A great blog post by Adelle Frank lists the Drupal tables to (probably) not backup:

  • any table with 'cache' in the name
  • any table that starts with 'search' in its name
  • any table with 0 (no) records in it
  • advanced_help_index
  • authmap
  • batch
  • flood
  • history
  • node_comment_statistics
  • queue
  • semaphore
  • sequences
  • sessions
  • tracker_node & tracker_user
  • watchdog

You should read the whole article for more information why this data (probably) is dispensable:

And hopefully these Backup & Migrate profile settings will be exportable via Features in the future so you don't have to do these settings manually for all of your installations.