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Testing patches

Everyone can test patches. Really! to the rescue! launched and I thought, "Wow! This is so great. People can test Drupal without having to get a local dev environment setup." (And I also got patrickd_drupal confused with someone else!) There are situations where a local environment is really important, but sometimes, people just want to test something.

Now, it's even better, because patches can be applied, right in a UI. This will be huge for testing on phones, at sprints (like #SprintWeekend March 9 and 10), and also for things like getting usability and screenreader testers going easier.

It's blazing fast, and it fills in the info about the database and user for you during the install screens.

To Test Drupal 8

For the project name, type drupal, and then for the version, scroll down and look for 8.x under Branches.

To get a patch url

Go to an issue number, for example: (a confusing multilingual screen). Then I skip to the end and find the most recent patch.

On my Mac, I command-click and copy the url address. But one could just highlight the address and copy it.


Update June 6 2013

easy! handwrite url to test a #Drupal 8 patch: (pattern is: /project/drupal/8.x?patch[]=) from tweet:


Gast - Fri, 02/15/2013 - 09:14
Thanks for the post!! I knew about, but not about the possibility of adding several modules for automatic installation nor about this great patch testing feature : )