Cathy Theys, Drupal-Entwicklerin

Drupal 8 Freeze Extension

One perspective on the Drupal 8 Feature Freeze Extension announcement

December 1. It was on my calendar. I checked the countdown clock often. My family knew that I would be glued to my computer the few days before then.

Some developers had taken off of work, or cleared their non-work hours for the few days before Dec 1, planning to return to work and life after Dec 1.

And then came the accouncement of the Feature Completion Phase in Dries's post: Drupal 8 feature freeze extended.

People asked me, "How did I feel about the extension?"

How did I feel? I was hoping for an extention similar to the one that happened with Drupal 7. I was hoping that a few projects would get extentions so that the community could change focus from trying to get everything in, to trying to get a few things in. Those projects were the things that Dries picked out as having a good chance of getting in, good community support and would have a good effect on Drupal 7. (My point of view about what happened, I'm not quoting anyone.)

How do others feel? We will have to wait for them to speak up. I'm guessing that many will proceed with their plan to return to a focus on work and life after Dec 1. So, I predict we will need to find some new contributors to pick up some tasks during the extention to feature freeze. And I think that is OK. It is a little like a relay race: people sprinting when they can, and letting others sprint when they can.

So what happened with Drupal 8 feature freeze?

I think something even better than what I hoped for.

Dries's Feature Complete Phase announcement Drupal 8 feature freeze extended was good because, it allows for more extentions than just picking a couple inititatives as exceptions. For example, it allows for individual issues. And it lays out criteria.

General guidelines from the announcement include: "patches should be well underway, with a recent patch posted in the past two weeks, ideally with several community reviews, tests passing or nearly passing, and a clear path to getting the feature completed..."

The criteria was helpful. The last days before the feature freeze deadline allowed us to survey the issues still in the queue, pick which ones were already meeting the criteria, and be able to let those rest for a few days. It allowed us to focus on some issues we identified as being "at risk" of not meeting the criteria, and work hard on those to get them ready so they would meet the criteria.

Putting myself in the place of a committer, I'm imagining that it allowed the committers to add their efforts also behind helping to get issues meeting the criteria so more issues could qualify for the feature completion phase. I'm imagining that the announcement allowed a sane approach by the committers to have some more time to work though reviewing all the RTBC issues that the community was producing.


The multilingual initiative was in good shape even before the announcement of the feature freeze extension. Plans were in place to (rightly) point out some of our remaining important issues were not new "features" but fixes for regressions, fixes for bugs, improvements to UI, etc. Even in that good shape, d8mi did work really hard in the days leading up to Dec 1 to get issues like

Download and import interface translations


Introduce configuration metadata and use for translation


Create workflow to setup multilingual for entity types, bundles and fields

with a patch passing tests

Introduce config context to make config consistent and accessible in different languages

with a patch passing tests

Drupal 8 Multilingual has many more issues which are going to be finished in the next month or two which are going to "complete the multilingual feature". We do not need to panic. We can take some time to breathe and recoupe, and then work at a steady pace during "Feature Completion Phase".

Gabor's focus board is what I check to get a good visual overview of d8mi.

And the minutes of the most recent November 30 2012 d8mi meeting have more detail.

Other initiatives

I'm looking forward to reading the perspective of others and seeing the other intitiatives release updates and status reports in the next few days.

One thing I had my eye on that is not an official community initiative was Project Browser. I saw it get attention from people in the community and I am hoping it meets the criteria.


From my perspective, I was hoping for something like Feature Completion Phase, and I'm really happy there was a criteria to focus our efforts.

Thanks to comm-press for sponsoring one of the around the clock days I worked leading up to the Feature Freeze deadline.