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Drupal Sprint Weekend

Preparations for Global Sprint Weekend March 9 and 10

Illinois USA, Michigan USA, Brighton UK, Langport UK, Hamburg Germany, Canberra Australia, Sacramento CA USA, Stockholm Sweden, Berlin Germany, London ON Canada, Sydney Australia, Ohio USA, Milano Italy, ... Check the list of small local groups gathering together to sprint on either March 9, 2013 or March 10, 2013 for the most up-to-date information and links to specifics. Drupical shows a map if organizers created events on



Sprints will welcome people. Preparing ahead of time is optional, but can help people get the most out of the experience.

  • The first lessons on the Drupal Ladder are good for ramping up.
  • Create an account on
  • Install irc. Even in person, irc is super helpful during a sprint to share links and it's a good chance to get practice with irc that will be helpful after the sprint. Since contributing to Drupal is addictive, sprinters love to keep doing it. It's also useful for people who cannot get to a sprint in person.
  • Set up a local development environment (WAMP, MAMP, LAMP, etc.)
  • Install git.
  • Use git to get Drupal and install it locally.
  • Run tests locally. If they do not all pass locally, or you have trouble getting something set up, try a search to see if there are instructions for setting up drupal on your specific system, or a solution for the error you are getting. If no solution is found, open an issue on and tag it d8 dev environment.
  • Warm up for the sprint by attending Core Office Hours any Tuesday 02:00 UTC or Wednesday 16:00 UTC in #drupal on irc.
  • Watch webchick's Sydney session on contributing. I love the stick figure part that talks about using the Drupal issue queue.

On the day(s)

I find sprints exhilarating. I'm so looking forward to the day!

  • Food: Check for a blog, event signup, or link from Sprint Weekend List. Local events have linked to more information. Some may provide coffee or lunch; alternatively, for some sprints bringing lunch or snacks might be a good idea.
  • Outlet strip: consider bringing one with. Power is good. Some sprint locations might be at an office with lots of power, some might be more rustic.
  • Laptop: bring your computer!
  • Check #SprintWeekend for tweets of announcements.
  • irc: With locations all around the world, in many timezones, irc will be hopping! Also, people not able to get to a location in person, can participate remotely on irc. Participates can check-in in #drupal. Mentors will be there off and on when they can be the whole weekend to help support people. Sprinters can coordinate issues they are working on, and ask questions in irc also.

No sprint near you yet?

Look for a meetup group near you by searching on or search for a geographical group on Contact an organizer and ask about getting a local sprint near you started.

Support for Sprint Organizers

Still time to organize a sprint near you

See the Drupal Sprint Weekend wiki. List your sprint there.