Karsten Frohwein

CEO of comm-press GmbH and total Drupal evanglist.

Articles from Karsten Frohwein

Europe's most important Drupal Camp

The Drupal Dev Days are the most important camps for Drupal developers in the EU. With the exception of Drupal Con, no other event draws as much attention and people from all over the world to...

Drupal Sprint Weekend

comm-press is participating in the ...

Video DrupalCon

The complete and maybe only recording of the opening Session by Robert and Jam.

Drupal Appstore

Presently the drupal community is in an uproar, triggered by Robert Douglass' announcement of his session at the Drupal Dev Days in Brussels "Sell...

Drupal User Group

This Monday we had a great Drupal User Group Hamburg meeting and I had a chance to take a little video for you with my camera. Hey Dries, I bet you can't resist this.


In my Simpletest Session in Essen , there were a few discussions about Selenium.

Softwaretest Drupal

Tests are an important issue in modern software development. With Drupal, we have the ability to use...


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