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Find your partner at Drupal_Con_Hook_Memory_() and win together 2 x 2 free tickets for the next DrupalCon or 1 of 8 voucher-pairs for 1 month free access to ...

Erfahrungen Code-Sprint

At the weekend, we had support from our friends from erdfisch in Heidelberg and had a Views Codesprint as office opening because of our new facilities.


At comm-press we have to fight with uncountable numbers of emails everyday that range in an open scala between unwanted, idiotic and impudent.

With every advertising email the danger of...

Drupal Book Module

I very much enjoyed the Camp even though it was the first Camp where I was completely cut off from WLAN. I usually tweet a lot and share my impressions with the world and it feels very odd not...

Erfahrungen DrupalCon Kopenhagen

Its Friday, 27. August, and the DrupalCon in Copenhagen has ended. A few Coding-Sprints are still going on, but the actual program of events has finished...

Hamburg Drupal User Group

The meetings of the Hamburg Drupal User Group are developing rapidly. Yesterday we had the incredible number of 37 participants....


By using the the tool Mozilla Backup you can transfer and backup existing firefox and thunderbird profiles.


I finally found a solution to use the captcha for guest with webforms.