The meeting was the first time in the new space the restaurant Deichgraf. The location is very solid, is in the Deichstraße and has an dock at the back to the canal. Very cozy. For a user group meetings certainly unusual - but certainly not bad. Would be great if there would be WLAN. This would surely increase sales. ;-)


After a short speech on my part, Karsten hold his new Session "Drupal Social Media - Drupal held principle." which is a new version of his introductory session into Drupal. He pointed out that Drupal is not only a system for managing social media content, but that even the "production" of Drupal itself is collaborative and community-driven.

Drupal was originally created as a message board for students in a dormitory, a sort of Twitter-house network. The whole way Drupal build content is social media-like. For the Drupal community it is very important to have a broad base - and we are part of it. Other communities have been cannibalised from companies. As long as the base - the users, developers and interested parties - preserve their independence and the form they interact with each the ongoing success and growth of Drupal will continue.

Stephan Luckow - Managing Director and owner of the Berlin-based IT company godot communication technologies gmbh - repeated his lecture he held in Munich about Scrum. Scrum is an agile method for project management, in which the customer is heavily involved in the processes. Unlike conventional software development based on specifications / requirements agile development has a focus on self-organizing. The "Srcum team" and the client the "Product Owner" are working close together prioritizing tasks to implement for highly focused short sprints. Scrum is a very natural way to develop software. Scrum is exhausting - yet highly productive. Through rapid prototyping, the customer gets an early stage in the hand, which he understands and can evaluate. He is from the beginning involved in the development progress with the responsibility of the work. "Moving Targets" are normal in a sense, and can be caught with Scrum and considered.


After the presentations, there was ample opportunity for networking. We didn't find the time to tell about the Drupal Dev Days in Munich. But that was not bad. The feedback was positive and all seemed to think it was a successful event. The "hard core" remained until midnight talking about Drupal.

The T-shirts went off well - thanks once again to Munich! Also from the Microsoft blocks and DDD stickers remained none. I wonder where we will run into the stickers.

On the way home I had a drink with Stephan in "Gastwerk". I thought it was great that he came after his #codingweekend from Berlin to our meeting! He has awakened interest in me to attend the Berlin meeting and also strengthen existing ties. Half past two I was in bed ... I hope not all user gourp meetings will keep me up that late :-)


For next meeting we can look forward to a Drupal talk about Magento. As always, the date will be on the Hamburg g.d.o Page and there will be invitations to the XING Drupal group. Please join that daily growing group to stay informed.

There where a lot of tweets. Please follow this hashtag #dughh to get direct informations from the event.